Our Fourth Food Menu

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 11, 2017
If you’ve been around Chandler for a few years, you’ve noticed that quite a few things have changed.  The Brickyard Downtown, a bar and restaurant in Downtown Chandler that features global flavors, small plates and extremely unique, creative cocktails, has been consistently evolving too.  After only a year a half, they are releasing their fourth food menu.  This new menu, under Executive Chef Aaron Rickel, features 19 sharing plates, which includes 3 salads and a meat and cheese board.  There are 4 larger sharing plates for those who prefer heavier portions, and 3 desserts – 2 that are returning favorites and a brand new bread pudding.

Citrus is the rockstar of this menu, and according to Chef Rickel, there are certainly plenty of reasons why.  “Citrus, especially lemon, is a brightener, like salt.  It enhances the natural flavors, and often can be used instead of salt or alongside salt to intensify a dish.”

Chef goes on to say that “every dish needs to be balanced: it needs acidity, sweetness, salt, fat.  Citrus acts the balancing agent to the plate.  Grapefruit is tart, lime can be overbearing, lemon is right in the middle – you have to figure out what the other flavors bring, and complement them using the ideal citrus.”

This new menu includes citrus in quite a few dishes, but don’t underestimate the ingredient:  Chef Rickel utilizes this flavor as a compliment rather than as a foundation.

“For example, in the Wakame Salad, we use lime segments to replace sauces and dressings.  You won’t get citrus in every bite, but when you do, that flavor will linger in your mouth and create a unique flavor for each bite that comes thereafter.

Citrus helps with spicy food – it balances the intensity of the spice so that each unique bite has the appropriate level of heat.  Citrus can cut through fat and it works well with sugar, too.  I mean, come on, sugar and citrus are made for each other.  In desserts, the sugar will take out the bite of the acid and the citrus will enhance the flavor.  It’s perfect.”

Fall is alway a unique time in Arizona.  It still has plenty of warmth, but the latter part of the season brings cool enough weather that people want to enjoy heavier food.  This menu contains items that will be sure to satisfy the cravings of both palates.

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