Citrus is the New Salt in the 4th Menu

“Every dish needs to be balanced: it needs acidity, sweetness, salt, fat.  Citrus acts the balancing agent to the plate.  Grapefruit is tart, lime can be overbearing, lemon is right in the middle – you have to figure out what the other flavors bring, and complement them using the ideal citrus.” This new menu includes citrus in quite a few dishes, but don’t underestimate the ingredient:  Chef Rickel utilizes this flavor as a compliment rather than as a foundation.

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Phoenix Magazine Review: If The Brickyard Downtown were an online date

Sure, he’s had a little work done – the circa-1912 former newspaper office was renovated to expose brick walls and concrete floors. And there are red flags such as the “shared plates” affectation (typical translation: tiny servings, full prices) and gastronomy buzz phrases like “lemon foam” and “wasabi-scented.” But despite the hints of cheesy self-consciousness, The Brickyard has a good soul and is definitely worth a repeat date.

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