This is the hardest message we’ve ever had to write. Words can’t do justice to what happened to you and words can’t bring you back. We are speechless, hurt, absolutely devastated by losing you.

In the early morning hours of February 10th, we lost Robert “Bobby” Kramer, our Food & Beverage Director. Bobby, a husband, a father, a bartender, a friend, and a pillar of the Arizona cocktail community tragically passed away in an unfortunate wrong-way auto accident while headed home from work.

We miss you. We miss you. We miss you.

We miss your smile, We miss your laugh, We miss your nerdy and punny humor. The hugs you gave… man, you made so many dark days bright with that hug. You changed our lives at every turn, every step of the way.

Remember that meeting we had when we launched The Brickyard together? You told us that you, both literally and figuratively, wanted to create a new “BAR” for craft cocktails. We laughed and dreamed about where we were going to go. Well, bud, you did it, you raised the bar and you brought creativity, love and passion to every moment. You pushed us all to be better.

You were, and forever will be, our foundation. Your vision gave us purpose. The drive and passion you had meant that our jobs were much more than jobs. You taught us how to provide our patrons with more than just a meal, but with an experience – one that was unlike anything else. You made it exciting to come to work everyday, and you taught us to bring our whole selves, and to share that with those who walked through our doors.

We only wish that you could be here to see how many people you’ve touched, how many lives you’ve changed, and how many dreams you’ve inspired. We wish, when we walked in that door, your face was behind the bar.

You will forever be #BobbyBricks to us. We will never ever forget you.

…Until we meet again, brother.

We are left with hole in our hearts, in our lives, and in our restaurants. Words cannot describe the pain we feel, and the sorrow we have for Bobby’s family. Bobby was a pillar in our community and in our restaurants. He taught us how to love what you do – but love people more.

He taught us to never stop learning, break the rules every once in a while, and to always, always, do what is right. Bobby taught us that the greatest cocktail we could have is a cocktail with friends.

There are multiple ways you can show your support:

1) Share about your memory of Bobby on your social media pages – to allow his legacy to inspire others to hug tighter, live bigger and love harder.

2) Vow to never drink and drive, and encourage those around you to make wise choices when they choose a beverage.

3) Honor the military men and women that serve our country both while abroad and when they return.


Bobby is survived by his wife Lindsey, his young son Arthur, his parents, siblings and a large loving community of friends, colleagues and purveyors.

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Phone: 252.717.9919